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Territory Manager

The Role of the Territory Manager: With the booked growth for the upcoming year, we are specifically looking for Territory Managers throughout California, and experience has demonstrated that candidates who are both pet lovers, and highly knowledgeable about pet behavior, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit make the most successful additions to the team.  As such, successful candidates having the following qualifications:

  • Pet lovers, who are highly knowledgeable about animal behavior;

  • Working within Paws-to-Share data systems to maintain information on our markets, including K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Senior Facilities;

  • Working within Paws-to-Share on-line CRM, Scheduling, and Accounting systems;

  • Facility with the MS Office School of Products;

  • Leading sales and marketing efforts within their territory;

  • Logistical coordination of events within the territory

  • Pet owner recruitment within the territory; and

  • The self-drive to take identify, seek solutions, and create solutions to any issues they encounter—we highlight that because, as any small organization, the level of success Paws-to-Share will achieve is entirely based upon the creative, innovation and drive of those that join us.


Compensation:  The successful candidate will receive an interest stake in Paws-to-Share, as well as a monthly stipend based upon cashflow; but to be clear, this position is best suited for someone with a true entrepreneurial spirit, who loves pets, and who wants to join for the long haul to establish a truly remarkable organization.


Given our growth, we are now looking to add Territory Managers in...

  • San Diego

  • Santa Clara Valley

If you decide to apply, please email your resume/vita, and cover letter to...

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