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Join us as a...

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Help Spread Love, and Get Paid at the Same Time

Looking for a fun gig where you get to connect with people and meet cool dogs and cats?  Then this is your place! Paws-to-Share is looking for animal lovers to help us find more dog and cat owners to join our team! For every new handler team you send our way and joins Paws-to-Share WE PAY YOU $50!!!

Paws-to-Share Ambassador

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What is Paws-to-Share?

Paws-to-Share coordinates visits between loving pets and their pet parents with facilities that need a little extra pet love in their day! We make visits to senior centers, high schools, universities, elementary schools, you name it, throughout California, bringing a little extra love to everyone we visit!

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What Does a Paws-to-Share Ambassador Do?

A Paws-to-Share Ambassador finds wonderful pets and owners to join us as we make visits.  These people can be friends, family, people you meet at dog parks...  Before you go on your journey, we teach you about Paws-to-Share, how to speak about us, and then have you demonstrate your knowledge back to us.

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How Does it Work?

After you find pet owners who are good candidates, you direct them to our website to apply to be a handler.  From there, we interview, certify, and determine if they are a good fit to join.  Finally they must pass a background check, and at that point they join...AND YOU GET PAID $50!!!

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