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Our Team

Each of our team members is also a handler. Let’s face it, we can’t be a part of Paws-to-Share without loving animals. We believe in what we do, and know that everyone who wants an animal should be able to have one — or at least feel like they do!

Isabella and Fuzzy.jpg

Isabella Donate

Territory Manager, Temecula Valley

Ever since I was little I had a passion for paws. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to utilize that passion to continue to work with animals as an adult. “Love what you do and never work a day in your life;” this pawpular quote is all too true if you ask me!


I am blessed to have a supportive husband that encourages me to follow my passion. Together we have rescued several dogs who were abandoned, fostered pregnant dogs and cared for litters; all in which have found their fur-ever homes. Many of these dogs I had the opportunity to train to ensure they have popper base skill sets & training prior to adoption. One day we hope to embark in our own journey someday to form an all breed dog rescue.


I always believed that animals souls are genuine and special. This came full circle when I adopted my own furry companion Fuzzy-Bear. Fuzzy-Bear is more than just a dog; he’s been my strength, my extra shoulder to lean on and so much more! I am humbled by the opportunity to be able to share Fuzzy-Bear with so many people with Paws-To-Share. We look forward to meeting you!

Jaime Goldfarb.jpg

Jaime Goldfarb, Ph.D.

President/Territory Manager, Orange County, Santa Clara and Northern CA

I’m exceptionally fortunate; for as long as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by a loving family—complete with animals to complete the picture.  My life is enveloped by my loving wife, two loving daughters, and two loving dogs — Mia and Lila, and two loving (yes, loving) cats — Milo and Toulouse. 

But as fortunate as I am, I’m also surrounded by loved ones who were not in the same boat — within a single week, my daughters shared how much they missed our animals while at school, my mother, who’s in an Assisted Living Facility, bemoaned not having pets around, and my Nephew, an apartment dweller, was looking longingly at Scottie’s online to make up for the fact he couldn’t have one.  So in that week, the idea that became Paws-to-Share was born; because we should all be that fortunate to share the love of a pet.


Mindy Gould

Territory Manager: Riverside

Hello, I'm Mindy Gould. You'll often see me at visits with my handsome Bengal service cat Popcorn, a large cuddly rescue cat Vanilla Ice, any assortment of adoptable cats/kittens and/or a rescued chiweenie Pumpkin.  I have a Master's Degree in Education and Learning, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and an Associate degree in premed. 

I am a former special education and mentor teacher.  I developed a high school girl's wrestling program and was the head coach. Since retiring, I continue to coach girl's wrestling, am a professional cat behavior coach, volunteer CEO of Act 2 Rescue and a Paws to Share cat and dog handler and territory manager. The rescue I founded two years ago, Act 2 Rescue, has helped over 500 cats.

I have worked with Paws to Share since 2019. I started with my two cats, Piggy & Fozzie, as well as Pumpkin. I enjoy working with Paws to Share because it gives me the opportunity to continue working with students and the public spreading joy with our animals. I am grateful for the time I get to discuss training cats, rescue work, and answering visitors’ questions. Paws to Share has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion of bringing positive energy to the world around me.  As a territory manager, I also get to help others enjoy this opportunity that is so deeply fulfilling. Few things can compare to seeing joy spread across visitors’ faces when they see the animals. It is truly a rewarding experience. 

Shari Kiefer.jpg

Shari Kiefer

Director of Finance

I am a Certified Accounting Paraprofessional and have produced financials for a variety of industries.  I have a long history of volunteerism and was a local disaster response volunteer for the American Red Cross for many years.  I am a southern California native and love to travel, and there has not been a year of my life that I have not shared with dogs or cats.  

I began with Paws-to-Share in early 2019 and while I stay in the "back office" I love to see the faces of people enjoying our pets and am thrilled we made it through the pandemic stronger than ever!

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