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Each of our team members is also a handler. Let’s face it, we can’t be a part of Paws-to-Share without loving animals. We believe in what we do, and know that everyone who wants an animal should be able to have one — or at least feel like they do!

Ariana Abend-Goldfarb

When I left for college I realized that I was barely able to function.  I was overwhelmed with longing.  I missed home.  I missed my pets.  The transition from a house filled with furry friends (two dogs and three cats) to a cramped dorm room shared with yet another human being was too much of a shock.  No matter how much I immersed myself in extra curricular activities and my school work, I just couldn’t get over the absence of my pets.

Paws-to-Share is the best way I could see to helping other people, whether they be college bound or apartment locked, to fill the void in their lives with furry, fluffy, friends.  No one should have to suffer through a lack of pets.  That is a torment that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  With the advent of Paws-to-Share, the pet crisis can be averted and the world can be just a little bit happier.

Nicole Abend

Animals have been a part of my life since I was an infant.  Growing up, I was incredibly fortunate to come from a family of animal lovers.  My extended family included our dogs, Jake and Max, and our cats, Rags, Theo, and Kasey.  The love and happiness I felt from their companionship was immeasurable.


Leaving home and going off to college was a challenging experience for me, because it was the first time I was without a pet of my own.  I missed my animals so much that, for the first year, I had to come home at least once a month.  It was at this point that I realized just how essential animals are in my life.  To fill the void, I began pet sitting, fostering dogs and cats, and volunteering at shelters, zoos, and animal reserves.  My work today still revolves around caring for animals, only now I have my 4-year old dog Bella—my pride and joy.


No matter what struggles I have faced, interacting with animals has been the one thing that never failed to lift my spirits.  I believe animals are the best medicine, and I am excited to share that cure by way of Paws-To-Share.

Elisa Abend-Goldfarb

When I was in college, I had to leave my two dogs and three cats at home with my parents.  For some unfathomable reason, my school didn’t approve of me having five pets in my dorm room.  I became so starved for animal love that I had to stop any random stranger taking their dog on a walk.  I’ll just say I was late to more than one class while soaking in the doggy-ness.


I need animals in my life, so luckily my apartment allows animals.  But for those who are in the same situation I was in my dorm, I think Paws-to-Share is the perfect solution.  My cat Desi is basically a dog, and can’t ever get enough attention. She keeps me as sane as possible.

Lina Litvak

I believe that dogs are our four-legged heroes.  He doesn’t know it, but my dog helps me every single day.  Since the age of 2, I have always had a dog by my side, and I could not imagine my life without one.  During college, I negotiated out of the mandatory 2 years on campus, and instead lived off campus so that I could bring my dog.  Unfortunately, that left me isolated from the students and a bit lonely, so I began to bring my dog to campus and could see how much joy he brought to those in dorms, living without their family pets.  Even though I may have been a little lonely off campus, I still had my Poindexter, and being able to bring the joy he brings to me, to others made it all worth it.  To know that many people out there love dogs just as much as I do, but are in situations where they can’t have their own, breaks my heart.



Paws-to-Share is on a mission with amazing goals; to bring love to those who need it, one paw at a time.  We have the chance to make people’s days a bit brighter, offer loving and mutually beneficial relationships between people and pets, and most of all, make life a little more furry, and a lot less lonely.

Jaime Goldfarb, Ph.D.

I’m exceptionally fortunate; for as long as I can remember I’ve been surrounded by a loving family—complete with animals to complete the picture.  My life is enveloped by my loving wife, two loving daughters, and two loving dogs — Lucy and Mia (still just a pup), and three loving (yes, loving) cats — Tootz, Milo and Toulouse. 


But as fortunate as I am, I’m also surrounded by loved ones who were not in the same boat — within a single week, my daughters shared how much they missed our animals while at school, my mother, who’s in an Assisted Living Facility, bemoaned not having pets around, and my Nephew, an apartment dweller, was looking longingly at Scottie’s online to make up for the fact he couldn’t have one.  So in that week, the idea that became Paws-to-Share was born; because we should all be that fortunate to share the love of a pet.

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