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We are thrilled you are interested in joining us at Paws-to-Share.  Here you will find an overview of what it takes to be certified to join to make visits

Step 1: Applying to Join as  a Handler: We love to learn about every pet, and the best place to start is by providing some information about you and your pet...and a couple of notes

  • Not every pet is quite ready to be a Paws-to-Share pet

  • What we look for most are pets who are loving and engaging

  • Pets who do not display any signs of aggression or reactivity

  • And while we do look at the commands your pet heeds, we focus much more on engagement, so do not fret over all the questions about commands.

If you think your pet might need just a bit more training and socialization, Paws-to-Share has partnered with some great organizations to provide the training, so please let us know if you would like a referral.  AND, to give you an 'Up Close View' of what it is like to be a handler, please click on this image to watch a short video. 

Dog and Cat 21.jpg

Step 2: Jumping on a Call: Once you've have applied to join as  Paws-to-Share handler, the next step is to jump on a call so all can rest assured that it is a good fit for all parties.  During that call we will share more about...

  • Paws-to-Share's Mission

  • Our History

  • What we look for in the pets who join

  • The types of visits we hold

  • How you get to decide what visits you join on

In turn, from you we hope to learn...

  • How you think your pet fits in with our visit model

  • What types of visits you would prefer

  • Your availability to join on visits

So please let us know when you would be available for this call by clicking this link, "Schedule a Call"

Dog and Cat 52.jpg

Coordinate an In-Person Vetting

Step 3: Getting Together:  We need to meet up in person, either with a member of the Paws-to-Share team, or with a Paws-to-Share Certified Partner, to conduct an in person vetting...some details for your reading pleasure...

  • The vetting takes approximately 40 minutes per pet being vetted

  • The vetting takes place in the presence of other pets so we can see how all respond

  • Often we will meet at a park, or even a dog park, but to be clear, we don't enter the park, we just need to see how your pet responds to other parks

  • Paws-to-Share works with amazing organizations, such as Canine Learning Academy, where you receive wonderful training /socialization experience, and also walk away certified to join on Paws-to-Share visits

  • If you aren't working with such a group, your Paws-to-Share Territory Manager will schedule the vetting

When all is said and done, we will coordinate visits that work best for you and your pet...and here is the thing...we aren't looking for 'perfect pets', we are looking for perfectly loving and engaging pets, and there is a place for all

Once these steps are complete, just a background check and a handler engagement document to read, and a quiz to pass...easy peasy  

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