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Director of Engineering

Paws-to-Share is an organization who coordinates visits between pet owners and schools, colleges, senior facilities…throughout California.  We have been around for four years, and our growth has been incredibly rapid, and we are looking for pet lovers, with an entrepreneurial orientation to join our rapidly growing team.  While we have grown rapidly, we are just exiting start-up mode and moving into growth and expansion.  We still maintain a small but nimble management team, and we operate virtually.  

Paws-to-Share, while being a pet service company, has significant technology development needs, including the build of a calendaring/scheduling system that meets our specific needs.  Further, we maintain multiple systems to manage our business, such as a CRM, Calendaring System, and Accounting System, and we would like to either merge these, or integrate feeds.  Further, we require app development for us to help manage, track and log the work of our contractors (pet owners) so that we can greatly improve the efficiency of our operational processes.

The Director of Engineering will have full oversight of these solutions, but do know, as an organization moving from initial start-up to operational mode, much of the work, for the time being, will be developed in house.

We are looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, creative, self-driven, and solutions oriented.  Note, we currently operate in California only, but expect national, and perhaps international expansion in the next few years.  Having said that, this position is virtual, and hence, no geographic limitations are implied for this position.

The successful candidate will receive an interest stake in Paws-to-Share, as well as a monthly stipend based upon cashflow; but to be clear, this position is best suited for someone with a true entrepreneurial spirit, who wants to join for the long haul to establish a truly remarkable organization.


If you would like to apply for this position, email your resume/curriculum vita and cover letter to 

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