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COVID-19 Actions to Ensure Safety

The safety of our pets, handlers and those we visit is our primary consideration; with that in mind, during the pandemic, Paws-to-Share takes the following steps:


Every handler joining on a visit either has to have a clean COVID test, or has to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 


Every handler joining on a visit has to confirm that they display no symptoms, or have not been exposed to anyone displaying symptoms


All handlers and visitors attending an event have their temperature checked


All handlers and visitors attending an event must wear a face covering, that covers both mouth and nose


All visitors must use disinfectant prior to interacting with the dogs (we wait three minutes before dogs can be engaged, for their safety) and after the visit as well


Visitors are allowed to engage only in small groups so we can maintain a 6 foot distance between visitors


Dogs do not wear their usual Paws-to-Share bandanas during visits, and no plush toys are allowed on visits (only plastic toys, that can be wiped clean are allowed)


To the extent possible, events are held outside

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