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For the Love of Bones Training: My mission is to help guide owners by teaching them how to properly communicate with their canine companions. This process is done by educating the owners about their specific dog’s breed, and demonstrating how they can effectively direct their dog’s energy into beneficial activities. Creating structure in our dog’s lives & being consistent, are the keys to raising great canine citizens.

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Meridus Canine and Equine Training: Cecilia Anastos has over 25 years of experience training dogs without force and without painful methods. Cecilia's father was her first mentor. At the age of 16 years old, she started working with German Shepherd Dogs in the obedience discipline. From the start, she focused on developing a leadership relationship with the dog in order to have a trusted companion that will follow cues at all times not out of fear but out of respect and love for its handler.


Her methods of raising puppies are unique and produce well-behave and loyal companions. Cecilia's upbringing as Zen Buddhist gives her ideal calmness and infinite patience in searching the best way to interact with the animals she treats and train; and her sense of humor and ever-positive attitude make her clients have a good time while training their dogs or watching their horses enjoy a massage session.


Cecilia is a well-vetted instructor at law enforcement agencies, and US Navy Special Operations Forces. You can see her complete professional background in LinkedIn. 

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Bad Dogs Inc.: Barbara Davis has been training professionally since 1985, and founded BADDogsInc LLC in 2004, specializing in the family companion dog practice, with a secondary concentration in rescue and shelter dog rehabilitation.

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The Noble Dogs: We at The Noble Dogs are here to make your dream dog a reality and we guarantee the results! We specialize in creating dogs that are trusted off leash around distractions, walk beautifully, play well with other dogs, and are friendly with strangers. We use a balanced approach to training that teaches the dog everything we want them to know through positive reinforcement and holds them to a high standard once they fully understand the expectations. We have found that training dogs first through positive reinforcement and then holding them accountable for non compliance creates the most happy, self reliant, relaxed, and obedient dogs.  We use ecollars, prong collars and food and found that this combo gets the best results and creates the happiest dogs and clients. Throughout this process we need to work as a team. Our #1 priority is that your dog is hungry and willing to work.

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Mobile Pet Nail Trim O.C.: As a registered Veterinary Technichian with over 35 years experience, I provide mobile pet nail trims in the comfort of your home.  Other services also provided—please see my site to learn more.