It's Our One Year Anniversary!

Wow! It’s been a year! Well, okay, a year and 50 days, but who’s counting? When we started this crazy venture, we had hopes for what it might become, but I don’t think any of us realized how fast it would happen. Here are some stats, just to break it down. We’ve visited:

  • 15 Universities

  • 33 Senior Facilities

We’ve given jobs to:

  • 65 Loving Pet Handlers

We’ve made:

  • 84 Tails Wag

We’ve successfully completed:

  • 360 Visits

And last, but not least, we’ve brought the love of a pet to:

  • 6,500 People

That is way more than any of us could have predicted! And of course it’s great to see those numbers, but it’s the little moments that have made this whole thing worth it. The time when a college student cried because they were so happy just to lie on the grass with a dog. When a senior who normally hardly speaks, laughed with joy and called a dog by name. When 80 students lined up to have a cat crawl on them and fall asleep in their laps. There’s something about animals that just makes life better. We could go on, but I think Andy Garates from Cal State University Fullerton expressed it pretty well. “We have been using Paws-to-Share this past year at Cal State Fullerton for some of our Housing events in the community. They have been a huge success for our residents who flock towards interacting with the animals in a relaxed setting. Most of our students miss their own pets while they’re off to college, and this is a way for them to get some of the affection/play time they didn’t realize they would miss by moving into our Residential spaces. It has continuously been a highlight to bring Paws-to-Share for our students, and we’re excited to continue to work with them in future partnerships. They have been so easy and accommodating to work with, making our job bringing them to campus a breeze!”

We know what it is like to be without a pet, and we don’t think anyone who loves animals should have to go through that. We are so grateful to Andy Garates and all the people we work with for letting us share the joy of animals with everyone! Ya, it may be a little cheesy, but we love what we do, and we are overjoyed that so many people seem to love what we do as well.

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