Like Disneyland for a Retirement Center

Walking into The Kensington Sierra Madre assisted living facility feels more like stepping into a vacation resort, with modern suites, an elegant dining room, and planned activities all day every day. Among these activities are weekly visits from Paws-to-Share each Thursday and Sunday.

On Thursdays, the residents gather for a communal visit with Hailee and Pugsley. Pugsley goes around to each of the residents and sits on their laps so he can get his lovin’. Since they’ve been going for well over 6 months, they all know Pugsley by name. One man named TJ is non-verbal, yet every time there’s a Paws-to-Share visit, he lights up. Pugsley is a complete goofball and has a lot of energy, but with the residents, he’s as gentle as can be.

Sundays are Teddy’s days, accompanied by his handler Dena. Their routine is similar to Pugsley and Hailee’s, and Teddy somehow knows when it’s time for a visit. It’s clear that even the dogs respond to the positive energy of The Kensington.

A main reason the facility is so lovely, is due to Jack Angus, the Haven Life Enrichment Coordinator. He’s the one who coordinates the activities, and the one who makes The Kensington Sierra Madre feel more like Disneyland than a retirement center. According to Dena: “The staff is incredible! Jack, he’s the life of Kensington. The heart of Kensington. He’s with the people. They move and they do stuff and get their minds going.”

And as much as we appreciate Jack and The Kensington, we like to think they’re pretty fond of us too.

“The Kensington in Sierra Madre had a wonderful opportunity come forth with the introduction of Paws-to-Share within the community. Ever since we’ve had Teddy and Pugsley meet our residents, they look forward to every future visit that brightens their day. This program has become such an essential component of our residents’ weekly routine, we could only wish we had found them sooner! We are thankful for the Paws-to-Share team and look forward to a continued friendship that enriches so many lives!” –Jack Angus

That this is a symbiotic relationship is without question. Teddy and Pugsley look forward to their visits where they see their favorite residents and vice versa. We’re ecstatic that we’ve become a part of what makes The Kensington so wonderful, and we plan to continue with these indispensable visits for the foreseeable future.

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