Post Background Check


There are several clerical tasks to be done after the background check is completed. The handler will need to complete one more form submit additional information, and (incomplete) either watch a training video or read a guide on how to be a handler for Paws-to-Share. The steps for the handler will be outlined in three onboarding emails. The actions required of the Territory Manager will be outlined here in the order in which they can be completed.

Onboarding Email #1:

The onboarding email is scripted and can be sent as is (verify and link). This provides the handler with access to the Handler-Client Engagement Document which will need to be completed before the next onboarding email can be sent. The handler will need to send images to use in the Paws-to-Share business cards and for the lanyards for visits.

  • Images (find link)

    • Add pet’s image to DB - Logistic - Pet Images

    • Send picture to JG for badge creation

  • Proof of completion for the Handler-Client Engagement Document should be filed here (link or instructions)

If the handler is having issues completing the Handler-Client Engagement Document, you may need to reach out and provide more information and training. After the training is complete, the handler can be considered "

Onboarding Email #2:

This email should not be sent until the Handler-Client Engagement Document is completed and has been passed with 100% of the questions correct. The onboarding email #2 provides operational information to the handler and instructions on setting up direct deposit, which should be strongly encouraged. The scripted email can be found here (verify and link). You may not receive a email back as the contents of the message are either educational or sensitive and will be kept between the handler and the Account Manager. The Direct Deposit information should be sent to Shari and a confirmation it's been sent or CC to the Territory Manager.

Onboarding Email #3:

This is the final onboarding email (verify and link) which contains information on how to access Paws-to-Share handler benefits and suggestions on engaging with Paws-to-Share on social media. This should be sent a day after onboarding email #2 as a means of encouraging handlers to fully read and respond to the contents of the previous emails. You should additionally ask the handler if they have an Instagram or Facebook for their pet. If they do, record that information and provide it to the marketing department (needs method) and add it to your territory’s social media roster (needs instruction). Ask for the handler's permission to tag and/or post about their pets and encourage the handler to tag Paws-to-Share in any related posts.


(Note: Dropbox - Onboarding for current options)


Add Handler Information to Zoho CRM (Needs to be expanded)


Create phone contact with picture of pet, full name, address, email and share with JG


Add handler contact information to CalendarWiz 

Distribute Welcome Bag (When, where, what)