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Herbsmith: Dr. Chris Bessent is a holistic veterinarian with 35 years of experience caring for animals big and small. After more than a decade of using Chinese herbal combinations in her own practice, she channeled her wealth of knowledge and experience into Herbsmith Inc. which manufactures high-quality holistic supplements, treats and toppers that allow dogs and cats to live their best lives. From heart health and digestive health to senior dog care, Herbsmith carries a wide-selection of options for all sizes, ages and breeds.

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Happee Dawg: Like our customers, we are dog owners ourselves. Our first family dog, Kira, joined us in 2015. After research, we learned that the most expensive, well-known kibble, contained harmful ingredients. So, we went to the store and bought what claimed to be raw, but it wasn't even refrigerated, this indicated there were preservatives and fillers present, and we were right. We decided to come up with our own formula, natural, Raw, clean, free of preservatives, grains, and fillers and started feeding our family dogs, then our friend's dogs and everything grew from there...


Our philosophy is simple; dogs are descendants of wolves, requiring whole meat and bones. Veggies, rice, and corn are never added to our meals, as wolves would not find these ingredients in the wild. We do believe they may benefit from these fillers in a small way but not enough to add them to their daily diet.


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Wild Earth, Inc.: Wild Earth is a sustainable pet food company on a mission to get the junk out of our pets' food—by making the highest quality clean protein the world has ever seen.

We believe that science and technology can be harnessed to create a better world, one with healthier foods and less environmental impact.

Our aim is to revolutionize the behemoth pet food industry, by bringing a groundbreaking clean protein to market—one that comes from the Earth, not from animals. Our approach leaves behind the inefficiencies, contamination issues, and cruelty associated with pet foods of the past.

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The Simple Food Project: As a practitioner, pet owner and animal lover, Dr. Bessent wanted to provide a healthier alternative to the market standard when it came to pet food, so The Simple Food Project was created. The recipes are formulated to get as close to a raw food diet as you can while also prioritizing convenience. It’s important that every ingredient have a purpose which is why you’ll only ever find 14 ingredients from whole food sources with essential nutrients. We don’t do additives, fillers, artificial flavoring or meat meal. Just real, whole food for dogs– simple as that!

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Boss Dog: The story of Boss Dog® starts with Kelby. Kelby is a big-hearted Rhodesian Ridgeback, who seems to be more human than dog and a big part of our family. Our “Boss Dog” Kelby has always been a bit of a picky eater. When he was a happy, healthy (and really energetic) puppy, we were dedicated to making sure he had high quality food and treats made from great ingredients. After a lot of searching and tasting (to be clear, Kelby was doing the tasting) for a treat that Kelby liked and coming up empty handed, we decided to create something delicious and that also provided nutritional benefits.

All Boss Dog® products are made with the highest quality ingredients and provide added unique benefits such as probiotics, prebiotics, and more. The story continues to evolve as we have added another furry addition to our family- Franky the cat. He loves Boss Dog® products just as much as Kelby does and we feel good knowing that he is not only getting a treat that is fun to eat but benefitting from ingredients such as DHA & Taurine in Raw Goat Milk or pre and probiotics in our Greek Style Frozen Yogurt.

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Heed Foods: For humans *and* dogs, a healthy life starts with a healthy gut. A well functioning digestive system is key to optimal nutrient absorption and to the overall health of your pup. We partner with leading pet nutritionists to make dog food that improves digestion, reduces pathogens, and creates more good bacteria in your pup’s gut.

Our premium kibble blends are sourced and made with love in the USA, then tailored to your pup’s needs. Completely natural, grain-free, and made with fresh meat sourced from North America, our kibble is packed with essential vitamins and minerals—and dogs love it, too. We top it off with human-grade, fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried and minimally processed to retain 100% nutritional value and flavor.