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Elazar's Pet Art: Dogs are bursts of sunshine and contribute so much love to the world. That theme is conveyed with Elazar's array of color choices Incorporated in each portrait. Elazar Weiner connects with each dog's unique representation of that energy while he create the artwork. The finished product celebrates that zest for life that a dog shares with his or her family.


Elazar promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of his customers. Anyone interested to see how his or her pet drawn by Elazar would look, is encouraged to send an image to his email and he will complete the portrait prior to ordering it. This way you can be sure that your portrait will be drawn to satisfaction, risk free. Please send images of your pet to

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Territory: Orange County & Los Angeles

Dography: Dogs and photography have always been some of my greatest passions, and I couldn't be happier to combine them with Dography. Capturing the essence and personality of man's best friends is one of the most rewarding experiences, along with seeing the owners' reaction when delivering the final product of those moments in time. A well thought out and executed photo session is a great way to preserve your furry friend's legacy and my job is to deliver that to you,  injecting fun for all during the process. 

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Territory: San Diego

David Veit Photography: Dave runs the premier boutique pet portrait photography studio in Southern California where he documents and preserves memories of our beloved pets. He leverages pet training, inborn artistry, decades of photography experience, monumental patience and a strategic mindset to make your amazing and playfully engaging pet portraits.