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Handler of the Month   


Each month, Paws-to-Share is proud to recognize one of our remarkable handlers for the wonderful gifts they bring to those we visit.  We have made this a regular feature of our Paw Prints Newsletter, but we thought it appropriate to sing their praises far and wide, so we are proud to launch this new page.

SA 1.jpg

And ironically, for this inaugural launch of this page, it seems the time is right for something completely different (and brownie points for those who get the Monty Python reference), but, and who could have guessed, it seems like some pet handlers have actually bonded and love to go on visits together; and to make that happen, even suggested we create a team structure so they can all be invited together to join as one.  


With that introduction in mind, we at Paws-to-Share are thrilled to announce the formation of our inaugural handler team, with the appropriate moniker...SA Team 1 (a hint as to the appropriateness of that moniker a little further down the page;) so first, let me introduce you to SA Team 1 (as we have no doubt other SA teams will be formed shortly) ...


Debbie Baker, Angel (sadly, no longer with us) and Gracie

Bevery Burns and Birdie

Marybeth Chenoweth and Guiness (yes, as in the dark stout)

Linda Leach and Kona

Donna Marasco and Moose

Editha Toms and Yogi (unfortunately not pictured here)


This is a team of wonderful pets and great pet owners, but, and here is the hint as to why this team has been named SA Team 1...

SA 2.jpg
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