Background Check

The following is a walkthrough on using AccurateNow:


  • Open AccurateNow

  • Login

    • Client Code: PAWSTO17

    • Username

    • Password

  • Request - Applicant Direct

AccurateNow Step 1.png
Accurate Now Request.png









  1. Package - Basic Plus Package

  2. Position Location - enter Country and State.  Once this information is entered, a field for “City” will appear.  Enter applicable City

  3. Applicant: 

    • First Name 

    • Middle Name - if you do not know the middle name, or the applicant does not have a middle name, check the box 🗹

    • Last Name 

    • Suffix - not required

    • Date of Birth

    • Gender

    • Race - choose “unknown”

    • SSN - leave Social security number blank.  Applicants will enter their SSN confidentially once the authorization for the background check is sent.

    • Street Address

    • City, State, Zip

    • Country

  4. Request

    • Name - enter your name in this field

    • Phone number - you may leave blank or enter your phone number

    • Email - enter your email in this field

  5. Applicant Contact

    • Email - enter applicant’s email address

    • Phone - not required

  6. Other - Leave this section blank

  • General Instructions for Applicant

    • Please type the following in the instruction box:  “Please complete at your earliest convenience”

  • Applicant Direct Order -Item Details

    • No information is required here; proceed to next page

  • Confirm Credit Report

    • Click “Next”

  • Shopping Cart

    • Click the “I hereby certify that” box 🗹 and;

    • Checkout

  • Applicant Direct Order - Thank you

    • This is the final step in the process for AccurateNow.  Please click the “Send Email” link; you will then be directed to your external email server. 

    • The formatted email will appear in your external email server for you to send.



Following Up

Once the handler/applicant has submitted the necessary information needed to begin the background check, you will receive an email confirmation.  


If you do not receive said confirmation in 24 hours, please send a text to the handler to let them know the authorization request has been sent, and request confirmation that they have received the email.  If they have not received the email, please resend.

In the event you have to resend, open AccurateNow and login. Go to “Request” and select “Pending Applicant Direct”. Select the appropriate applicant handler and resend the email.

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AccurateNow Step 8.png
AccurateNow Step 9.png
AccurateNow Step 10.png