Responding to Handler Application

When a new application is submitted via the Paws-to-Share website, an email will be sent to all territory managers alerting you to the application. 


The first thing you will need to do is View the Application.  Open the email with the subject “Apply to be a handler:  Dog (or Cat) Owners” and review the application.  If the submission falls within your territory the following next steps must be taken:

Download and Save the Submission to Dropbox.  This can be done in two ways:

  • Recommended Method - Download the submission directly from the email you received.

  • Alternative Method - Locate and download the file from Jotform.

    1. Open Jotform (you may need to log in)

      • If the handler applicant is applying with a cat: Jotform (you may need to log in)

    2. Scroll down to see the table containing the most recent applications. If you do not see the application you are looking for, you may need to navigate further through the table.

    3. Select the application on the table, and select the PDF icon on the bar above the table on the left to download or open it as a PDF.

    4. Save to the correct Dropbox folder, “Paws-to-Share/Logistics/Handler Submissions”. The file needs to be saved under the applicant first and last name.

Next, immediately respond to the invitation! Reply to the email and set up a phone interview (next step). Be sure to personalize your email and say something about the dog and/or something in their application, and ask for the best day and time to coordinate the phone call.

  • If the preferred method of communication indicated in the submission is text, please send a text message in addition to the email.

  • If a phone call is the preferred method of communication indicated in the submission, please place a phone call in addition to the email.

Follow Up

If you do not receive a response to your email (and/or other form of outreach) within three (3) days, make another outreach via text message (a.) advising that the email was sent and (b.) make another attempt at setting up the phone interview. If you still have not received a reply within a week, follow up again for one last time via email and text asking them to confirm they are still interested in working for Paws-to-Share and set up a time to speak.

Note:  It is a good idea to revisit submissions that you did not receive a response to every so often (perhaps quarterly) and possibly reach out again for a final time if you think the Handler/dog is a strong candidate.