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Bringing Pets and People Together

These Videos Give You an Up Close Look at our Visits
college student dog 5 (1)
Kitty Scratch
Cat and Dog
Woman Hugging Dog
Wet Kiss
A girl and her dog

Paws-to-Share: Bringing Pets and People Together

Sounds simple, but what does it really mean?  For us, it means bringing pets to seniors who are missing their pets terribly.  For college students, it means giving them the loving touch of a wonderful pet so they can breathe, relax and enjoy.  For K12 students it, means smiling even when it hasn’t been the best of days.


In simplest terms, Paws-to-Share works with wonderful pet owners and their wonderful pets — yes, have both dogs and cats — as we make visits to seniors, students, really, anyone needing the caress of a pet, so they can "just feel good".  


But the devil is in the details, and while feeling good is wonderful, it is so much more.  It is that senior who remembers that it is Tuesday at 10:00 because they know Milo is coming to make them feel good.  It is a college student feeling more connected to other students, and more connected to their school because they spent time with Vanilla and they feel good.  It is a K12 student anxious about an upcoming test who relaxes when they get to throw a ball for Mia, and walks in feeling so much more confident, because they just feel good.


So at its core, Paws-to-Share is a simple organization, with a simple mission…but oh, we are so much more.

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