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As much as we love animals, not everyone can have them as pets. We live in college dorms, senior homes, and tiny apartments, not to mention the financial responsibility of owning a pet. Paws-to-Share brings the love of a pet to you.


Our clients can schedule a visit with an animal, and a certified pet and handler will come to you. Whether we meet you at your apartment, or go to the park for a walk, our goal is to make the experience positive for everyone. Most importantly, we ensure that our animals are happy and healthy. Not all animals are right for what we do...they have to love people, be comfortable traveling, and have a great personality!


We’ll help find the right animal for you: cat or dog, big or small, active or calm. You can schedule visits up to a few times a week, but we make sure not to overwork our animals and handlers. Over time, you'll develop a loving relationship and a new best friend.

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