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As much as we love animals, not everyone can have them as pets. We live in college dorms, senior homes, and tiny apartments, not to mention the financial responsibility of owning a pet. Paws-to-Share brings the love of a pet to you.


We share our pets at schools, offices, colleges, charter high schools and senior centers.  You tell us what type of visit you're looking for, whether it is a huge doggy playdate, a quiet 'just pet me visit', or anything in between, and we find the pets that best meet your desires.  Our goal is to make the experience positive for everyone, and that everyone can enjoy the loving bond between human and pet.  And perhaps most importantly, we ensure that our animals are happy and healthy. Not all animals are right for what we do...they have to love people, be comfortable traveling, and have a great personality!  In the end, everyone, human and canine alike, needs to feel good about what we do.

COVID19 Statement:
Paws-to-Share is thrilled to be back in the community and offering visits again. We take the current pandemic seriously and take steps to ensure the safety of our handlers and those we visit. Our handlers are screened for Covid-19 or have received their vaccinations. We adhere to strict mask protocol. Our handlers require screenings in addition to health risk and safety protocol waivers. Paws-to-Share will work with any specific guidelines to curate a custom-tailored visit to prioritize the safety of all participants.  We look forward to serving you and our communities safely.  
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